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Engineered Wood Floor Installation

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More than ever before, people are making the decision to go with engineered wood floor installations. This is because the quality of the materials is the best its ever been, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques. At Preservation Flooring and Refinishing, we’re highly experienced when it comes to the installation of engineered wood floors, and we know that you’re going to be delighted with the quality of the work that we complete on your behalf. This is a wonderful way of achieving a fantastic look for your property, and doing so without having to break the bank. If that sounds too good to be true, there’s no reason to be concerned – the service that we’re offering is just that good. Find out more by reading on below, or through our customer service team.


Budgetary Constraints

One of the reasons that engineered hardwood flooring has become so much more popular is because it’s so much more affordable compared with complete hardwood flooring. While genuine hardwood flooring is solid wood, engineered hardwood flooring has a base layer of composite material, with a decorative layer of real wood. This makes the cost lower than a genuine hardwood floor. While some people want the real deal, there are actually a few reasons beyond mere cost that make engineered wood floors a great idea. We’ll go through these just below, so keep on reading!


Handling Moisture

While in most ways wooden floors are very effective at resisting physical forces and pressures, one of the ways that they can struggle is with moisture. If they’re exposed to moisture and humidity for long periods of time, it can make the wood become warped and mishappen. However, engineered wood floors are much more effective at handling this, and this is down to the base level material that replaces the wood. If you’re concerned about moisture or humidity in the space where you’re installing this floor, it’s definitely worth considering an engineered wood floor.


Steady Durability

When you install a floor at your property, you want it to last for a long time. The installation process is disruptive and time-consuming, and of course, the expense is generally quite high as well. This is why you’ll want to invest in a flooring installation that is going to last. Engineered wood floors can be expected to last for 30 or 40 years without any significant deterioration, and that’s some performance. You’ll also be able to apply refinishing procedures to them once, which will give them a new lease of life going forward.


Quick Installation

At Preservation Flooring and Refinishing, we offer high quality, fast installation services for engineered hardwood floors. Our hardwood flooring contractors are extremely experienced, so they know all of the tips and tricks required to complete this process without any unnecessary delays. Naturally, they still retain their steadfast meticulousness and attention to detail – the quality of the work will never drop to get a job completed sooner. If you want a hassle free experience, we’re the team to call in.

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