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About Our Business

professional carpenter installing natural wooden planks on wooden frame floor in empty unfinished room under reconstruction. Improvement, renovation and carpentry concept

At Preservation Flooring and Refinishing, our goal is to provide the finest quality flooring installation and floor refinishing services possible. Based in Rockford, IL, we’ve been delivering on this goal since our founding, and we couldn’t be more proud of the services that we’ve provided throughout that period. Your floors are a critically important aspect of your property. They have an enormous impact on the functionality of the space that they’re situated in, and of course, they also have a profound effect on the visual appearance of the room too – so they couldn’t be more important. If you need a reliable service to give you an attractive hardwood floor installation, or someone to refinish your wooden floor, then you won’t find a more dependable service anywhere in the area.


Nothing matters more to us than our customers’ complete satisfaction, and we’re more than happy to handle any kind of flooring project that you have in mind to make sure that happens. The work that we do is carried out by our flooring contractors – and these people are seasoned professionals who are more than up to the challenge. They understand the lofty expectations that we keep in place for all of our staff members, and they’ll do whatever it takes to reach and exceed those requirements. We’re ready to bring quality to your property, but we’ll do so whilst offering affordability as well. Each and every one of our customers gets access to unbelievable value when they choose us, and you’ll be no different. Speak to us today, and you’ll be taking the prudent course of action.

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