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Preservation Flooring and Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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    When you’re trying to make the decision about what kind of floor to install at your property, it can be a stressful time. The floor is a critically important aspect of any space. It needs to exhibit practical excellence – after all, it acts as the foundation for the rest of the room. However, it’s much more than just a surface for you to walk and place your furniture on. Your flooring is also going to have a significant impact on the visual performance of the space, and might define the furniture and paint that you decide to go with as well. A hardwood floor often represents an excellent choice, given the way they can effortlessly pair with other materials. A flooring installation and floor refinishing business like ours can help you install and maintain such a floor that will last for decades.

    About Us

    At Preservation Flooring and Refinishing, we’ve made it our goal to provide the people of Rockford, IL with high class floor installation and refinishing services – and we think we do an excellent job at just that. We care deeply about providing our customers with high quality floors, whether that’s through fresh installations or refinishing and repair work. If you are looking for an affordable, reputable, and reliable flooring contractors service, you won’t find a better option anywhere in the area than us.


    We’ve created a set of services that is more than capable of handling any service requests you might have. Our hardwood flooring contractors are the masters at installing and refinishing hardwood flooring, but we’re also happy to help with our laminate flooring installer and vinyl flooring installer services as well. We always achieve high class finishes in record time, and the services we provide are affordably priced too – which means that we’ll be able to help as many people as possible. For any circumstances where you’re unsure whether we’ll be able to assist you, our customer service team can offer clarity.

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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    Our wood floor refinishing service is going to be the best tool in your arsenal if you have an older, but good quality hardwood floor. A little marking and damage isn’t reason to throw out an otherwise structurally sound floor – it just needs to be refinished. This service could potentially save you a stack of cash, and you’ll still have a like-new flooring installation at the end of the process.

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    Wood Floor Repair

    For situations where a refinishing is a little bit too light, a wood floor repair is likely appropriate. Through this service, we can repair uneven floors, broken and damaged slats, and even dodgy supports. This is an environmentally friendly service too, since you’ll continue to make use of materials rather than throw them in a landfill. We offer flexible scheduling with our repair service, since we understand that it’s likely you have other important commitments to attend to.

    “I want to give my thanks to the team at Preservation Flooring and Refinishing for the amazing work they’ve done on my genuine wood floor. This floor goes back nearly 100 years, so I really didn’t want to see it gone. They’ve done some beautiful work, and it basically looks brand new! Incredible!!” – Andrea D.

    Hardwood Floor Installation

    Making the decision to go with a hardwood floor is rarely a bad one. Hardwood floors are undoubtedly attractive, and they never go out of style. Additionally, they’re very hard-wearing, and easy to clean and maintain. You can expect a hardwood floor installation supplied by us to last for 50 years or longer, and it’ll look excellent throughout that time.

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    Engineered Wood
    Floor Installation

    Engineered hardwood flooring represents a very good option for people that love the look of a full hardwood floor, but aren’t willing to put up the required capital to have it installed. With this, you get the same decorative layer of genuine wood, which is so attractive, but with a base level of composite material – which actually makes it more capable of withstanding exposure to moisture and humidity.

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    “I’m happy to give Preservation Flooring and Refinishing 5 stars for the new engineered wood floor I have at my home. It looks great, and I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the service was. I’d definitely recommend it to family and friends.” – Ria N.

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    Laminate Flooring Installation

    A laminate floor could be an excellent call for you if you want a flooring installation that can withstand spillages, droppages, and heavy foot traffic. Laminate is widely used to replicate wooden floor aesthetics, but it manages to do so at a great price point. Popular in family dwellings and commercial properties for both its price and durability, this might be just what you need.

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    Vinyl Flooring Installation

    If you’re looking to install a vinyl floor at your property, you’re onto a very prudent course of action. Our vinyl plank flooring installer is the best around, and has forged a reputation as a reliable and dependable team through years of great service. Coming in a range of styles and colors, vinyl offers sound absorption, and general physical performance that is very admirable.

    “Professional, arrived right on time, friendly throughout – what more can I say? I only have positive thoughts about the team at Preservation Flooring and Refinishing. I’d use this company again in a heartbeat.” – Tommy R.

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    Are you looking for a flooring installation and refinishing service in the Rockford, IL area that you can trust to get the job done? Then you aren’t going to find a better choice than Preservation Flooring and Refinishing. We’re ready to handle any installation or refinishing needs that you have – all you need to do is reach out to our customer service team. They can give you more information on our various services and prices, and even help you with booking in an appointment. They’re reachable through our main telephone number during our normal working hours, or via our online contact form outside of those hours. Speak to them today, and make the best possible decision for you and your property.